Annual FACE Postgraduate Conference, ‘Identity and Hybridity’, Hull History Centre, Thursday 1st June 2017

All are welcome to the Annual FACE Postgraduate Conference on Thursday 1st June, timetable below! Please email if you wish to attend.

FACE Conference Poster


9am Arrivals with Tea and Coffee

9.20am Welcome – Edd Mair

9.25am PANEL 1 – WHAT IS IDENTITY? Chair: Alice Whiteoak

  • 9.30am Speaker 1 Anthony Okpanachi, “Identity in an Objectivity Based Ethical Context”
  • 9.50am Speaker 2 Silvana Matassini, “Narratology of Identity”
  • 10.10am Q&A

10.20am BREAK

10.30am PANEL 2 – GENDER, SEXUALITY AND HEALTH Chair: Dr Rachel Williams

  • 10.35am Speaker 1 Kath Beal, “Lost Identities”
  • 10.55am Speaker 2 Gordon Tait, “The Poet as Cultural Androgyne: Joseph Skipsey meets Dante Gabriel Rossetti”
  • 11.15am Speaker 3 Darren Woodward, “A Critical Analysis of the Community Experience of Child Sex Offenders”
  • 11.35am Speaker 4 Amee Gill, “Invisible Bodies: Barriers to Gynaecological Health Services Among Queer People”
  • 11.55am Q&A

12.30pm LUNCH


  • 2.05pm Speaker 1 Maaike Zoelman, “The Hunger for Identity Formation”
  • 2.25pm Speaker 2 Sandie Mills, “Animating the ‘Other’: Dolls and Doubles in Henry Selick’s Coraline
  • 2.45pm Speaker 3 Gul Dag, “Fractured Identities and Constructed Beings in William Gibson’s Neuromancer
  • 3.05pm Q&A

3.15pm BREAK

3.30pm PANEL 4 – IDENTITY, PAST AND PRESENT Chair: George Borrinaga

  • 3.35pm Speaker 1 Peter Allen, “To Re-Assess the Evidence for the Continuity of the Indigenous Population of Early Medieval Lincolnshire, AD 400 – AD 650”
  • 3.55pm Speaker 2 Michael Reeve, “Policing D.O.R.A. on the North East Coast: Public Safety, Civil Defence and Social Control During the First World War”
  • 4.15pm Speaker 3 Chris Cook, “Narratives of National Identity: Banal Nationalism, Brexit and the English”
  • 4.35pm Q&A

4.45pm Closing Remarks – Charlotte Garside



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