Postgraduate Student-led Seminar Series

The History Postgraduate Committee are proud to announce the launch of a student led seminar series. These seminars will take two forms: discussions on an aspect of a student’s research or on a particular theme in academia.

Both will be an hour in length, and take place on designated Thursdays at 4pm in Larkin Seminar Room 154. The first session will be held on November 3rd. The suggested format for these two variants is as follows.

Research Seminars

The student who has proposed the discussion (the seminar director) on their research is expected to give a presentation at the start of the seminar, of about 20 minutes in length. Seminar attendees are then expected to engage with the topic at hand, discussing the points presented to them in the director’s speech. The seminar director is permitted to provide an abstract to the presentation prior to the seminar, which could be of their own writing or of information online. This may only be one side in length.

The focus of the Research Seminars is to improve a postgraduate’s ability to present their subject to a wider audience who may have limited knowledge of the area. Furthermore, this will make the postgraduate community more alert to what their peers are researching.

Discussion Seminars

In these sessions, a general theme or theory of academia is agreed upon by the participants prior to the meeting. We expect the postgraduate who put forward the theme to lead the session, supplying a relevant article (one that is available through the university servers). An opening statement is not necessary. The atmosphere of these seminars is intended to be more informal, so it is recommended that the necessary reading for the seminar is not too taxing.

The focus of the Discussion Seminars is to promote debate and the exchange of ideas among the postgraduate community, pertaining to common themes and current trends in academia.

If you are interested in attending, suggesting a theme or presenting, please get in touch with the History Postgraduate Committee at:

These seminars are open to all postgraduates, not just those within the School of History.


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